Uft Contract Prep Periods

As a teacher in the New York City public school system, preparation periods are essential to ensure that lessons are engaging, informative, and effective. These periods are a time for teachers to plan their lessons, grade assignments, and collaborate with colleagues. However, when it comes to the United Federation of Teachers (UFT) contract regarding prep periods, there are a few things that every teacher should know.

Firstly, prep periods are not the same as lunch periods. While teachers are entitled to a lunch break, prep periods are designated times during the workday where teachers are allowed to prepare for their upcoming classes. According to the UFT contract, teachers in primary and middle schools are entitled to a minimum of 150 minutes of prep time per week, while high school teachers get a minimum of 200 minutes.

It`s important to note that the UFT contract does not require that prep periods be held consecutively, meaning that a teacher might have multiple short prep periods throughout the day rather than one extended block of time. Additionally, the UFT contract allows for principals to assign duties during prep periods, so long as those duties don`t interfere with the teacher`s ability to prepare for their classes.

One of the main concerns that teachers have about prep periods is whether or not they are compensated for this time. According to the UFT contract, teachers are not paid extra for their prep periods. However, if a teacher`s prep period is interrupted by a meeting or other work-related obligation, they may be entitled to additional compensation.

Finally, it`s important to note that prep periods are a valuable resource, but they aren`t the only time that teachers should use to prepare for their classes. Good teachers know that preparation is an ongoing process that happens both inside and outside of the classroom. While prep periods are certainly helpful, teachers should also use their evenings and weekends to plan lessons, grade assignments, and reflect on their practice.

In conclusion, UFT contract prep periods are an important part of a teacher`s workday. While they aren`t always consecutive and aren`t compensated separately, they are an essential time for teachers to prepare for their classes and collaborate with colleagues. By understanding the UFT contract regarding prep periods, teachers can make the most of this valuable resource.